Saturday, April 30, 2016

Wheeling, feeding and weeding

Our little road trip today was productive.  I picked up auntie and we headed out of town to a funky little gift shop.  I was looking for something special for my Mom's BFF who is turning 80 in a few weeks.  She still loves to garden so I found a gorgeous bird bath with a glass bowl.  The bowl is designed with Celtic knots  which will make her think of mom.  I don't have a picture because the owner wrapped it up so nice for me.  But it's beautiful.  A little more than I wanted to spend but auntie decided it should be from both of us so she chipped in for half.  Yay!  I hope I don't forget to sign her name on the card..........hahaha, I'm just kidding  Then we took an old back road towards the shore to a favorite summer restaurant that serves the best fried clams in the world
After getting home I tried to decide what to do with my little front flower beds.   Last winters snow and ice busted up the rose bushes that were in front.  I tried to cut them back and revive them last summer but it was hopeless so I tore them out.  Now I need to plant something pretty.
See that bare spot where the brown tipped over pot is?  I would like to have something colourful that has blooms all season.  Any ideas?  I know nothing about plants.  At the very right edge of the photo is a yellow potentilla bush but it looks dead too.  But I think it looked like that last year and eventually was ok.  Fingers crossed.  
Abby is pulling hard to get at that one remaining daffodil.  She likes to bite the heads off.  She's killed them all but one 
Now it's time to relax with a cup of blueberry tea and some blueberry nougats.  Yummy  

Friday, April 29, 2016

I lost my step

Actually I lost my Fitbit.  I had it Monday when I woke up but it appears that at some point in the pre-work routine it slipped off my arm. ☹️
Without that stupid wrist band to motivate me I notice I'm slacking off some.  I keep hoping it will turn up.     In other not nice news my washing machine has died.  Actually it died a couple of weeks ago but I've been in denial.  
Naturally a major appliance would die immediately after I spent all my money on new floors.   I've been lugging my laundry to aunties but today I decided to go shopping.  I picked one out, very basic, nothing fancy.  Guess I will bite the bullet and get it next week.  A friend wants my old one to use the metal drum for a fire pit so I won't have to worry about getting rid of the dead one   They will just take it away.  Silver lining I guess  This week was crazy busy at work and next week is looking the same.  But auntie and I are going on a short road trip tomorrow. I can't wait for lunch.   Our favorite seaside restaurant is open for the season.   I dream about their fried clams all winter   They are truly the best in the world!   

Sunday, April 24, 2016

House Work

I wish I could say I had a restful weekend.  But instead I worked the days away.  Some office work brought home and the dreaded house work.  I swear this little house will never be done.  Almost 2 years ago I thought buying a fixer upper would be fun.  What was I thinking?  Lol The new floors are done and I'm playing around with area rugs etc.   The living room this morning
The dining room with a new area rug. (Which is eventually going in the living room when I find "just the right one" for the dining room).  Try as I might to keep Abby off that rug it has become her favorite spot!
Just a peek at the floor in the den.  It's still a work in progress.  Want to make it into a little office but still looking for the perfect old antique table to use a desk
I've been unhappy with my tv stand since I moved here.  First I had a corner stand which I hated.  Then I used an old antique dresser painted blue.  Hated that too.  Then I found a tv stand I liked and ordered it.  Naturally it was back ordered but arrived last week.  The reviews said easy to assemble.  The instructions said it was best to do with 2 people.  Clearly they meant 2 licensed contractors!   OMG, it took me over 3 hours.  A big chunk of that was realizing after I screwed the legs in they were on the wrong side.  And I really screwed them in tight.  I would say it was about 45 minutes to loosen those damn screws and do it again.  Argghhhhhhhhhh, the nasty words were flying!   But it's done and in place.  Finally!
Now I realize I need a bigger tv.  Lol  

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A fresh start

Welcome to my new blog!  For several years I have written another blog - Millie's Mats.  At the time of its creation my life was in a very different place. In the past year or so I have undergone many personal changes.  I would say "survived and thrived" through them all. 

Life is good.  I am learning to tune out the negative and focus on all the positives.  Some day's its not easy, but its a practice, not unlike meditation.  The more you do it, the easier it becomes.  Which is how I came to name this new blog - Glass Half Full. 

I have felt like I was becoming less and less connected to the old blog.  Its hard to explain really, but I kept pondering a change.  I even contemplated just stopping this all together but I knew I would miss it.   So with a new season upon us - Spring, the season of new growth and a milestone birthday creeping up on me I decided to start fresh.

I'm not quite ready to disable the old blog yet but will no longer post to it.  This will be the new spot.   For those of you who followed me before you can still expect crazy posts with a twisty sense of humor.  I haven't changed, just the blog ;)

I hope you will join me on this new adventure.  I would appreciate it if you would share the new blog on your sites too.  I am hoping to build up my followers again (and maybe find a few new ones)