Sunday, May 29, 2016

More digging in the dirt

Ok folks, cross your fingers my gardening efforts have been successful.  I really don't want to do too much more of it.  I managed to dig out the old dead potentilla. And, it felt so good to throw it away
The one on the other side proved more challenging but the man next door saw me struggling and come over with a bigger shovel and snips and between the 2 of us we got it out.  So with all the old out it was time to plant the new.  
There is the 2 new shrubs on either end. I'll fill in the bare spots with a few annuals later this week.  The other side of the step has the new hydrangea (hiding behind the tulips) and the other euonymus on the end
I want to plant some low annuals around this one too.  And I have a new basket for my step
Almost there!  Miss Abby probably won't like me sharing this picture. I took her to the groomers a few days ago and said I wanted her clipped short for summer.   Oh dear.........I picked her up and...........all I saw was legs and ears 
I think she's ashamed.  I hope it grows quick.  Poor little thing. And naturally it's been cool since she got clipped. Friday night she shivered when we came in from outside.   I can't believe the weekend is over already.  I really need 3 day weekends on a regular basis 

Friday, May 27, 2016

50 ways to celebrate

Even though I tried to convince myself it wasn't happening, I celebrated a birthday this week.  I reluctantly rolled over into a new decade.  It's not so much that I mind "being" 50 but I don't like "saying" I'm 50.  Lol.  I realized that when I was in university, my Mom was the age I am now and I thought my Mom was so OLD.  GROAN....... So here are a few highlights from my big day.  I arrived at work and the entrance to my office was filled with balloons
Later that day my Mom's best friend arrived at my door with this
I knew she didn't really buy me a case of vodka.   Lol.   Inside the box was a real treat.  
There were 50 individually wrapped gifts!  Each one numbered
What a neat idea! I had so much fun opening them all.  Some practical kitchen gadgets etc, some funny inside jokes, some sweet reminders of my Mom, some beautiful keepsakes.   I think it was one of the nicest gifts I have ever received.  And there was another very special surprise.  My sweet friend Kim from Field of Dreams blog sent me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. 
A bouquet of pure sunshine all the way from California!  Have I mentioned before what a lucky girl I am?  

Monday, May 23, 2016

It wasn't a twig.......

Yesterday was supposed to rain but when I got up it looked not too bad outside. I figured if I wanted to do any outdoor work I should get right at it.  So I scraped the old flaky paint off my window frames and got new paint on.  It looks so much better. 
Now I think I should repaint those red rails to white and instead paint the front door a color.  I'll mull that over for a few days.  After the paint was done I still had some energy left so I thought I'd try and dig out those old roots and shrubs.  I started with the old rose bush and after a lot of digging and pulling I managed to get it out.   Feeling cocky I thought I could get the potentilla out by myself with my tiny little shovel.  I saw a bunch of dead twigs near the base and went to scoop them up with my hands and that's when it happened........the thing that led me to quit and have a drink
I grabbed a twig but it wasn't a twig.  It was a leg of a dead bird!    Ewwwwwwwww  I have got to get some thick gardening gloves.  And this is just one of the reasons I hate to garden.  Lol.  In less disgusting news, Abby got a new shirt specifically to wear when she visits Auntie's house.  She manages to get in so much trouble there.  Lol

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Trying to be a gardener

I am not a gardener.  I don't enjoy anything that involves digging in the dirt, worms or bugs.  But I do want my little house to look pretty.  So I'll give it another try. I'm slowly digging out the dead stuff and weeds and getting closer to planting new 
Soon this patch of mud will be the new home for my dappled willow.  On the other side of the step I still have some digging to do.  There is a dead rosy bush with ridiculously deep roots and a dead potentilla on the far right.
At least the tulips are pretty.  To the left I plan to plant a hydrangea and I have a euonymus for the left. 
I also broke down and bought a new lawn mower with adjustable wheels.  Now my lawn will look as good as my neighbors.  Look how nice and close it cut the grass?
I hated spending the money but I was so happy with the results I think it was worth it.  I've complained about that old mower since I moved in.  The sellers left it for me which I appreciated but it was time to retire it.   The weather for the rest of the weekend is iffy so not sure if things will get planted yet.  And I desperately need to scrape and repaint my window frames so if it's not raining in the morning I plan to get right at that.  I should have done it last year but........procrastinated.  Lol

Thursday, May 19, 2016

She's One

I can't believe that tomorrow Miss Abby will be 1 year old.  My little furry bundle of joy.  She was so small when I brought her home, she looked like a tiny black bear
Now she's growing up and finally (yes, finally) starting to mature a little.  But even when she's acting like a wild, stubborn puppy,, she is still a joy.  My little boo-bear 
 Happy Birthday sweet girl.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

All hail the Queen

Yes, I am the Queen of procrastination.  Just to prove my point, I planned on making a post Saturday and now it's.........Wednesday.    I have been taking a university course online for my job.  I had a term paper AND an assignment due on Monday.  I mean really, what kind of sadistic fiend assigns 2 major projects on the same day?   Just cruel I say. I had breakfast with a gal pal Saturday morning and intended to lock myself away the rest of the day and finish so I could enjoy my Sunday.   Well.......guess how that worked out?
First I couldn't concentrate because the kitchen was a mess.  Then my neighbor was out pulling weeds and I felt shamed to do the same.  Then I thought I'd better get the laundry out of the way.  And it went on and on like that all weekend
I finished at 10pm Monday night - 2 hours to spare.  Lol
What is wrong with me???

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Get a real job

I'm so angry!  Why do some people think it's ok to steal other peoples hard earned money?
Friggin hackers have been messing with my family.  Last night at supper time I checked Facebook and had a new friend request from Auntie.  I immediately knew she had been hacked.  Ughh, of all people.  The one person who can literally make a mountain out of a mole hill.   I jumped in the car and went to her house to tell her and change her passwords.  She was upset but I told her it wasn't anything she did and I noticed it quickly so it should be ok.  I changed her account passwords and posted on her Facebook page NOT to accept friend requests from her for a few days.  Several people, like me, recognized it as a hack and deleted the requests.  But not all of them........
A few hours later I get a half hysterical call from Auntie.  One of her friends accepted the request and soon was "chatting" with who they thought was auntie who needed money.  AND SHE GAVE THEM ALL HER INFO!    Luckily at the end of the conversation she got suspicious and called Auntie on the phone to confirm.   Well, she spent the next 2 hours on the phone with her bank, freezing her accounts, changing credit card numbers etc.   Then she has to contact all her utilities who have pre-authorized payments and give them new account numbers.   She acted quickly enough that they didn't have time to get any of her money.  I'm still fuming over it.  I wish I could get those guys and smack them stupid.
Why do they have to prey on people?  Why can't they get a real damn job?  And in all honestly, the friend told me what they said to her, and it wasn't even a good scam.  Pretty weak ass if you ask me, but she fell for it anyways 
Hopefully this is the end of it.  I can't take another evening like last night. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

It's not easy being green

There's a lot of green coming up this time of year.  And I knew the time would come when I'd have to bring out my old friend from retirement 
The neighbor to my right mowed his lawn 2 days ago, putting the rest of us to shame. I could feel people judging me.  I had dandelions and a messy lawn.  My neighbor on the other side works also so both of us felt pressure to mow our lawns after work today.   The rest of our block are retired so we are always last to get the deed done.   As I was finishing, V was weeding her flower bed and suddenly screamed.  I ran over and look what we found
Isn't he cute?  He was hiding in the weeds and she accidently grabbed him.  Naturally I laughed but I would have freaked too.   I have 2 new shrubs waiting for planting.  An endless summer hydrangea and some kind of willow. The garden centre lady said I needed to let them "harden" for a week or two.
So for now I'm leaving them outside all day until bedtime and then I tuck them in the garage in case there is a frost.  I hope I can plant them soon because the longer they are in my direct care, the higher the chance they will die 😃   And in other Spring "green" news, it's finally fiddlehead season.  Fiddleheads are a young edible fern and they are only in season for a couple of weeks.  I love them.  I cooked up a batch last night, covered in butter and splashed with vinegar  
They are great as a side, also work great in quiche.  I saw a recipe online for fiddlehead chowder so I might try that this week too.  I have another bag in the fridge ready to cook  Supper tonight wasn't green but they were so cute I took a photo.  I call them Mexican chicken boats 
I saw these new mini tortilla bowls at the grocery store and had to try them.  I filled with shredded chicken, fresh corn, olives, cheese and taco sauce.   So yummy!  And the possibilities for these little bowls are endless.    

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

Mother's Day takes on a whole new meaning when your Mom is no longer with you.  Mom's been gone just over 2 years and this will be my third Mother's Day without her.  I was in church this morning with Auntie and the Minister spoke of how when we are young we take our parents for granted.  So true.  It isn't until we are older (and hopefully wiser) that we truly appreciate all they did for us and the sacrifices they made to raise us.  That was my Mom.  From the time I was 7 she raised me as a single parent and I can tell you she did not have it easy.  But she never let on or complained even though now I wonder how she did it all.  
This was my mom as a young girl with my grandmother.  I never realized until I saw this photo how much I resemble my mother at that age.  I had to look twice.  
A friend shared this photo with me this week.  I'd never seen it before.  It was taken at the beach and no one remembers what event we were heading too because we were dressed up.  My friend and her mom were on the other side. 
Mom was always involved in community organizations and she was heading to some meeting somewhere.  She looks so happy.  I think it's one of my favourites.   I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day.  Even those who are Mother's to the furry 4 legged children

Friday, May 6, 2016

Play time

While I slaved away all day, working hard for the money 😀, someone just played the day away.
I don't know but these 3 look like they are up to no good.  I sense a scheme was being plotted.
And then a little race perhaps?  Abby looks like she's winning by a nose
I had to go out of town today so Abby was at day care from 7:30am to 5:30pm.    This is what happened when she got home....
I had to wake her up at 9:45pm to go out to pee.  I think she could have slept through to morning :).   Ah, to be young and full of energy again......

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Oh yeah baby, karma's a bitch!  I went to work this morning and printed off "the evidence" but after a few minutes I decided I should just take the high road.  It wasn't worth it.  But then about 2 hours in, she pulled that shit again.  "We never received that document".   My co-worker glanced my way in what I took as "Go Get Her".  Ok, now it's Game On!  I left the room, retrieved the print outs of the emails and handed them to her.  Not one, not two, but THREE emails that included that document as an attachment.
As she began to stutter and stammer I just moved on and proceeded to work away.  I hate to admit it but it felt awesome!  BOOM!  

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Trust your instincts

Sometimes your gut reaction is bang on.  I've been working with a new consultant on a work project.  Until today we have just been working by phone and email but today she came to town to work with me for the day.  Since we are all friends here, I'll just say it....I've found her to be a pain in the arse since the beginning.    Today and tomorrow we are working together with another member of senior management.  The morning started with her indicating a few documents were missing.  I knew I had sent them to her but she insisted that her team and searching though everything and they never got them.  I was annoyed but printed out the missing docs and we proceeded.  Then there was a snide comment that if we have to "do this all day" we won't finish.  I bit my tongue but it bugged me all day.  So after I got home I went trolling through  old emails to see who was right.  Yes I'm THAT kind of girl.  I'll admit it of I'm wrong but if falsely accused I'll go to the mat to redeem myself.   FOUND IT.  Not only was it one of the first documents I sent her in early February but I also resent it (at her request) in March.  Grrrrrr.  So I forwarded those emails to my other coworker just so he would know I wasn't totally incompetent.   So my instinct about her was re-confirmed mid afternoon.  I went to pick up a mid afternoon snack for us as we had basically worked through the day with no breaks.  I bought cinnamon buns to test my theory.  You see, there are 2 ways to eat a cinnamon bun BUT only one way is correct........... First I will show you the "proper" way to eat a cinnamon roll bun.  
You start at the outside edge and unwind it until you get to the yummy middle which follows the rule of "save the best bite for last".   Some people do it the other way (aka the wrong way) and just pick it up and bite into it..........Gasp - the horror!
It's even hard for me to look at this picture   It's just wrong on so many levels.  It's so........savage.  Lol So.........guess which way little Miss Pain In The Arse ate her cinnamon bun?
P.S.  I swear once life gets less busy I will actually post about rug hooking.