Saturday, December 31, 2016

Party like it's 1999

Oh I'm having a wild night!  Instead of partying like it's 1999, I'm partying like I'M 99
I'm still sick.  Achey, coughing, whining, full blown man cold sick.  This is my New Year's Eve outfit.........Jammie's, wool socks and a blankie
I hope you are all out living it up, having a wild party night with friends.  I was just wondering if I should make a New Years resolution and then I found this
Seems about right.  Lol.  For now I think I'll just flip through Deanne Fitzpatrick's new book and hope I get a little hooking inspiration for 2017  Happy New Year Everyone 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The holiday recap

All the hustle and bustle is over for another year.  I have meant to post for days but haven't managed to get it done, so lucky for you it will be a brief recap.  Auntie and I celebrated together - church Christmas Eve and then a small gathering of friends at her house.  I returned early Christmas morning to prep our dinner and Abby was kind enough to run upstairs and wake auntie by jumping on her head.  Luckily auntie woke up filled with Christmas spirit.  Lol The next few days seemed to be all about eating.  So much food and so many cookies and treats delivered.   
I've been enjoying my days off since by puttering around the house, organizing closets etc.  This morning I felt a little icky - scratchy throat, cough - so I decided to take down the tree and put the decorations away.  Everything is now packed up except my little ceramic Christmas trees which I love, so I'll keep up a little longer.   It feels good to get the house straightened around.   However as the day progressed I felt worse.   Now it's a full blown man-cold
This was one Christmas gift I am not happy to receive

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Kitchen crazy

The last couple of days I've been in crazy panic mode to get stuff done.   The main task has been getting cookie tins filled for certain people.   I'm like a psychotic Martha Stewart.  Or a damn Keebler elf
Tah dah........ Birds nests, shortbreads, gingerbreads, cherry cookies
  Hopefully all my little old neighbor ladies will be pleased.  
Next on the list - wrapping!  My least favourite thing (next to binding rugs)

Friday, December 16, 2016

Pre-Winter Chill

The calendar claims it's still Fall but it sure feels like winter here!  A frigid blast of winter weather has left us with a couple of days with temps in the minus 30's.  Yes, I said minus.......  This mornings weather online
Look at the "feels like" temp........Brrrrrrrr
Not much happening today outside.   Abby and I stayed in and cleaned for awhile.  But eventually she would have to go out so being the stylish pup she is, we dressed in the trendy (and super warm) LL Bean Field Jacket
Admittedly not very feminine, but very practical and warm for the East Coast winters.  She doesn't normally mind the cold.  She loves to run and play in the snow, but not today.  There was some whining and lifting of the paws.  We didn't walk today, just in and out!
Thought I'd just add this.....just in case.   I might have to break out the onesie pj's tonight.   Yes I have a pair. Lol.  Stay warm

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Oh Deer...

I travelled to the family holiday cookie exchange today.  It was a perfect travel day, although the rest of the week is sounding like a winter mess.  Not only were there guests inside but also some visitors in the backyard.
Three beautiful deer were visiting.  Later in the afternoon one was right up on the deck admiring the cookies through the window.  Great to see family and come home with a random sampling of sweets.
These were my contribution - coconut birds nests.  Later this week I'll make some shortbreads for the sweet neighbor ladies across the street 
I'm still behind on Christmas but I did get some things done Saturday.  There's no point stressing, it will get done.  I only have to work 4 more days and then I'm on vacation until the New Year!   I've been starting to feel the urge to hook again so maybe between Christmas and New Years I might actually put something on the frame.   Guess I'll end this quick update with a picture of Abby practicing yoga
Lol. Geez she looks long all stretched out like that.  She had a new bone and was completely focused like that for about an hour.  Well, the countdown is on now

Sunday, December 4, 2016

All Aboard.....

I'm not sure how it happened but this year I'm all over this Christmas Season!  If you've followed for awhile you know I have tended towards more "Grinchy-ness" for the holidays.  Not this year - I'm all aboard the Christmas train 🎄.   I decorated my place last weekend and this weekend I decorated aunties place and it was surprisingly enjoyable.  Here's her tree (much bigger than my little one)
I did a good chunk of shopping this weekend too and bought all the baking supplies for a cookie marathon soon.   Last night I cuddled in with some hot chocolate and watched one of my favorite movies "It's A Wonderful Life"
I never get tired of it and have to watch it at least once (ok, maybe twice) over the holidays.   Years ago, before Mom got sick, she used to say "oh no, not again!"  Lol  And the little princess is looking "holiday chic" too
She looks very calm there but in fact we had a 10 minute wrestling session to get her in that sweater.   But it was worth it - Isn't she sweet?