Saturday, December 31, 2016

Party like it's 1999

Oh I'm having a wild night!  Instead of partying like it's 1999, I'm partying like I'M 99
I'm still sick.  Achey, coughing, whining, full blown man cold sick.  This is my New Year's Eve outfit.........Jammie's, wool socks and a blankie
I hope you are all out living it up, having a wild party night with friends.  I was just wondering if I should make a New Years resolution and then I found this
Seems about right.  Lol.  For now I think I'll just flip through Deanne Fitzpatrick's new book and hope I get a little hooking inspiration for 2017  Happy New Year Everyone 


  1. I also will be partying like I'm 99. LOL I really do like your jammies. I will be rocking the pink jams tonight with a blue granny square blanket. And I have a hot date with a pair, yes a pair...of knitting needles. LOL Enjoy your evening, Kim. SMILE

  2. I'm not in my jammies YET, but they are cute ones with deer and look wintery with a waffle weave to keep my old bones warm. I'm no longer a party animal ...uh not for MANY years. Happy New Year gal. Hope you get feeling better soon because I really miss your snarkey barbs.

  3. I had pretty good parties in 1999 but now I party in my Jammies too with a glass of water before bed.
    Hope you drop in to visit my blog. I'm still there.

    Get well soon and Happy New Year.

  4. I just love your New Year's Eve outfit; funny it's mine too! Also love the sayings you've collected here. I've just noted the Birds'Nest cookies for future use. Looks so good. Happy 2017!

  5. I hope you feel better today. When I read that post I thought, what was I doing in 1999, I don't think it was partying. I am like that second lady in the picture. I made it to 10 though. I hope you have a nice New Year. At least there are no elections this year, so right away that's great right? I hope you feel lots better today.

  6. Happy New Year, Kim. I hope you are feeling better and your man cold is on its way out.
    Hugs to you and Miss Abbey :)