Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Kitchen crazy

The last couple of days I've been in crazy panic mode to get stuff done.   The main task has been getting cookie tins filled for certain people.   I'm like a psychotic Martha Stewart.  Or a damn Keebler elf
Tah dah........ Birds nests, shortbreads, gingerbreads, cherry cookies
  Hopefully all my little old neighbor ladies will be pleased.  
Next on the list - wrapping!  My least favourite thing (next to binding rugs)


  1. Your cookies are just lovely and perfect. I baked today but nothing compared to what you made.
    I know you will get all finished and it will all be perfect.
    I hope you get to play Santa soon and I know all of those ladies will be so happy. Merry Christmas! To you and Abby.

  2. Well, look at you! So yummy! I hate wrapping too and looking at the pile on the floor and table makes me cringe...I'll get it done as I'm sure you will. Have fun!

  3. Oh,I looked at the cookies on my to-do list today-they will still be there tomorrow! Panic commencing in 3, 2, 1...

    Your cookies look delicious!

  4. Nut and poppy seed rolls exploded. The dough grew, split open, and morphed into poppy seed bread. That set the tone, I'm done.

  5. ohh kim I wish I was close so I could be one of your old ladies you deliver to .yummmy
    Merry Christmas my sweet friend.

  6. Cathy could be one of your old ladies and I would wrap gifts for you (but I won't bind your rugs!!!) Wine...there must be wine.
    Merry Christmas, my friend.
    Hugs :)

  7. Bags and tissue paper...there is no need to wrap anymore...lucky little old ladies, am sure they look forward to the cookies and a visit with you...I baked a double batch of brownies this morning waiting for the furnace guy...ta da! my baking is done...Merry Christmas to you and Abby dear...

  8. Don't forget to drop by my house with some of those sweet treats and I'll have a glass of red for you. Cookies look mawvelous.

  9. Oh, my, what lovely cookies. I'm sure that if you wrap them tight enough, they would ship all the way to California!! LOL I haven't made any cookies, but did whip up about 15 pounds of homemade fudge. I can say that after all that, I've only had three or four pieces. Even looking at it gives me a sugar high! LOL

  10. Kim those look really good! Your like a Susy home maker. Lol!
    Merry Christmas, hugs cheri

  11. Those cookies looks so yummy and festive. Merry Christmas to you, Auntie and Abbey. All the Best in the New Year.