Sunday, December 4, 2016

All Aboard.....

I'm not sure how it happened but this year I'm all over this Christmas Season!  If you've followed for awhile you know I have tended towards more "Grinchy-ness" for the holidays.  Not this year - I'm all aboard the Christmas train 🎄.   I decorated my place last weekend and this weekend I decorated aunties place and it was surprisingly enjoyable.  Here's her tree (much bigger than my little one)
I did a good chunk of shopping this weekend too and bought all the baking supplies for a cookie marathon soon.   Last night I cuddled in with some hot chocolate and watched one of my favorite movies "It's A Wonderful Life"
I never get tired of it and have to watch it at least once (ok, maybe twice) over the holidays.   Years ago, before Mom got sick, she used to say "oh no, not again!"  Lol  And the little princess is looking "holiday chic" too
She looks very calm there but in fact we had a 10 minute wrestling session to get her in that sweater.   But it was worth it - Isn't she sweet?


  1. Yes she is! Look at that pose. Glad you're feeling the spirit.

  2. OMG! That is a great pic of Miss Abby. Well worth the wrestling session.
    I love that movie, too. Already watched it :)
    Hugs :)

  3. Very nice holiday outfit there, Miss Abby. She does look very sweet, but that may be a ruse. LOL So far, all I've done is put my Christmas sign at the front door. Maybe I should work on the rest sometime before Christmas? LOL

  4. Miss Abby is pretty cute. Love the tree, good for you on top of Christmas. I did a lot on line this year.
    I love old movies and so does David I have watched Holiday INN
    and we just got done White Christmas That is when movies were really great!

  5. Abby looks adorable!!!!!!! I think even she knows she's cute and posed for you. My grown 45 year old son watches that movie every Christmas without fail.

  6. The trees are so pretty. I love that Christmas outfit that Abby is wearing. I am so glad you are having a nice Christmas.
    Every thing looks so lovely.

  7. Abbey is posing so she can be on a Christmas card. Enjoy your holiday spirit and cookie making. The tree looks beautiful.

  8. Well look at you with your heart growing three sizes and all that jazz! That tree looks full of beautiful heirloom ornaments.

  9. Now that's a Christmas miracle! Abby looks so sweet in that pic! Hope you continue with all that Christmas cheer and "It's A Wonderful Life" is one of my favs too..and I also watch it every year! "A Christmas Story" with little Ralphie never gets old either. Since it was filmed here in Cleveland it's a real classic for us!

  10. I'm glad you're in the Christmas spirit! Abby's sweater is so cute!