Sunday, November 27, 2016

Weekend nesting

Ahh, such a relaxing and productive weekend!  Our first winter nor'easter storm arrived today.   Cold, windy, rain and then snow that is sticking.  Not enough  to shovel, just enough to blanket the ground.   Loving that new fireplace today!  It was just enough to get me blasting the Christmas music and dragging out the decorations
The stocking are hung a little early but I just felt like getting the house holiday-ready.   (Note to me: I need to remember to hide the extension cords before I take pictures).  And I even got my tree up
Abby is being fairly well behaved with it so far, except  for the gold flowers on the bottom.  She really wants to have them.  We are working on it.   The rest of the weekend consisted of binge watching Gilmore Girls.  
Oh, it was worth the wait of all those years waiting for that final season.  I so missed Luke and Lorelau.  I even managed to resist watching the last 5 minutes first so I could finally discover those famous "last 4 words".    WOW, I think we need another season to explore THAT cliffhanger.   Hope you all had a great weekend and my American friends are still enjoying thanksgiving leftovers.  


  1. Your home looks nice and cozy with your Christmas trimmings. Your fireplace is very inviting too. I can hear the music!

  2. It's beginning to look alot like Christmas! I started watching Gilmore Girls...I'm heading into Summer. I was an avid fan and I'm so glad to have them back...minus the sad! Anyway, have a good week!

  3. House is lookin' good. Great fireplace.
    Hugs :)

  4. I never watched the Gilmore Girls before but think I'll 'search' it out. What a cozy home you have there girl. All you need now is to pull out something to hook while basking in the glow and warmth of the fireplace. Oh, and a glass of red wouldn't hurt the ambience either.

  5. I love your fireplace!!! I am so glad you got to watch Gilmore Girls. Emilie had to be with Nik's family this weekend, so I watched about five minutes of it. I know when I do get to sit and binge watch it I will love it. I love your tree. Your post makes me want to get my Christmas things out. I hope you have a lovely week. Everything looks so cozy.

  6. Cozy indeed, looks so very warm and cozy. Love the fireplace too... Missed the show but want to catch it yet.Have a great week, Francine.

  7. Looks so warm and inviting. Your fireplace is perfect. LOL at leftovers, just ate the last of the turkey today for lunch. But, my son is coming in January, so we will be having another turkey. Yay, more leftovers!!

  8. You're ahead of the game girl. Your place looks very inviting with that fireplace and Christmas decorations especially with the winter weather outside.
    You're getting a lot done.