Friday, March 17, 2017

Irish fun

One of my favorite days.  My Irish roots were celebrated today.  I doubt many people were as proud to be Irish as my Mother and my Grandfather.  Heaven help you if you arrived at our house on March 17th and weren't wearing green.   My grandfather always joked that he wanted a real Irish wake.  You can call it coincidence but he died many years ago on march 14th and his funeral was on March 17th.   I think there was a little divine intervention there.   I took the day off work today and a friend and I headed out of town early to a fun Irish Pub about 40 minutes away.  Great food, awesome live music.  All the old favorite Irish tunes.  We had a blast for a few hours. Everyone was decked out in their finest greens but this pair stole the show.......
Wow.......right? Kind of left us a little speechless.  And maybe considering that we had reached our limit of green beer...... I still can't get past the leprechaun heads........then I wondered how were they going to pee?? Times have changed, the years have taken their toll.  There was a time when we would have spent all day and half the night at a party like this.  I've been in my pyjamas since 7:30pm.   Sigh..... Hope you all had a great day and sang a few Irish tunes a little too loud and out of tune (like me) 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

All things green

The big day is almost here so I thought I should start to prepare for all things Irish!  Today as I was picking up a few things at the grocery store I passed a display of little shamrock plants. 
I really hope this little guy survives (and thrives).  I don't have the best history with house plants.  Maybe the "luck of the Irish" will shine down on it 😀☘️ And this was the weekend craft project - a little table topper
My first attempt at pinwheels.  They are not as easy as I thought. They are not perfect but they will do just fine for a first attempt.  Here's a close up
I love that shamrock fabric.  It was a fun little project and helped me get more confident with adding the binding and going around those corners.  And for dessert, a batch of pistachio squares.
The finished pan of squares are in the refrigerator to set before I can cut them.  It's going to be a long couple of hours.   Lol

Friday, March 10, 2017

Just plain lame

Have you ever been such a lame, pathetic blogger that you don't write a post because you can't decide what title to use?  Gahhhhh! Consider this fair warning - if you suffer from vertigo you'd better stop reading because I'm about to be all over the place here.   One option could have been "It's shocking".  This dry, cold weather is making static electricity my worst nightmare.  My hair, oh dear, my hair is literally out of control.  I have to keep a bounce dryer sheet in the pocket of my coat and keep rubbing it on my head.   And Abby is no better....
Every time I touch her she gets a little shock.  At first it terrified her but now she just gets annoyed and gives me the wicked stink eye.   Another option was "I saw the light".  No, it's not a religious thing.  It's more of a crazy thing.   This past week has been extremely intense at work.  A lot of extra hours and things spinning through my brain.  Did you ever notice how your mind races just before bedtime?  This morning as I was coming downstairs I thought "Gee, it's really bright out this morning."  No, it wasn't.  Apparently I was so distracted at bedtime I went to bed and left all the downstairs lights on......all night.   
  Another option was "I've got mail".  This is a good one.  Any day that I open the mailbox and see something from Ohio is a great day.  A package from my sweet friend Lauren (Rugs and Pugs).  I was the lucky winner of her recent giveaway and it's so fabulous.
A sweet little penny mat.  It now resides proudly atop my fireplace.   Lauren's stitching is as lovely as her hooking.  Thank you Again Lauren ❤❤ I had another option but I think I'll save that story.  TGIF folks 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday happenings

I'm not sure where the week went but it's Sunday again.   I wish every day could be like today.  I was a productive machine today.   I woke up early and decided to do all the little things that I've been putting off.  The first task was to put together the bookcase that was delivered about 6 weeks ago and has been leaned up against the kitchen wall, still in the box.  My bathroom is small and oddly shaped and there is no linen closet and little storage.   So now things are a little more organized
Then I cleaned up my sewing room/office and cleaned the whole main floor.  I also rearranged a few side tables etc.  Ahhh, it felt so good to get some little stupid tasks done.    No sewing or crafting today (hence the aforementioned productivity everywhere else)  but here's a preview of the next project
The strips are just quilted in the ditch but I want to try something a little wilder on the border.  I'm waiting for a new attachment which will allow some free form quilting.  I hope it works.  It's amazing what you can get done when you stay away from the computer, hooking frame or sewing machine   Lol I made a huge pot of beef "stoup" today.  Perfect Sunday comfort food. And I think maybe I might even crank out a batch of cinnamon buns tonight.  Seems like a good plan for breakfast, don't you think?