Friday, March 10, 2017

Just plain lame

Have you ever been such a lame, pathetic blogger that you don't write a post because you can't decide what title to use?  Gahhhhh! Consider this fair warning - if you suffer from vertigo you'd better stop reading because I'm about to be all over the place here.   One option could have been "It's shocking".  This dry, cold weather is making static electricity my worst nightmare.  My hair, oh dear, my hair is literally out of control.  I have to keep a bounce dryer sheet in the pocket of my coat and keep rubbing it on my head.   And Abby is no better....
Every time I touch her she gets a little shock.  At first it terrified her but now she just gets annoyed and gives me the wicked stink eye.   Another option was "I saw the light".  No, it's not a religious thing.  It's more of a crazy thing.   This past week has been extremely intense at work.  A lot of extra hours and things spinning through my brain.  Did you ever notice how your mind races just before bedtime?  This morning as I was coming downstairs I thought "Gee, it's really bright out this morning."  No, it wasn't.  Apparently I was so distracted at bedtime I went to bed and left all the downstairs lights on......all night.   
  Another option was "I've got mail".  This is a good one.  Any day that I open the mailbox and see something from Ohio is a great day.  A package from my sweet friend Lauren (Rugs and Pugs).  I was the lucky winner of her recent giveaway and it's so fabulous.
A sweet little penny mat.  It now resides proudly atop my fireplace.   Lauren's stitching is as lovely as her hooking.  Thank you Again Lauren ❤❤ I had another option but I think I'll save that story.  TGIF folks 


  1. Kim, you made me laugh out loud with the static hair. What is it with the static ? I get shock every time I get out of the van. I hesitate to touch the door to close it because i get shocks. It's so annoying. I never thought of using a fabric softener sheet. It might help.

    I think you girl is over work, leaving on the lights all night....
    You are so lucky to have won that penny rug. Lauren is one kind, thoughtful and generous friend.

    Enjoy your weekend Kim. Time moves forward on Sunday.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. That silly rug has been great therapy for a hurting heart. Now I need to bind it.


  2. I agree with Julia, I think you were overworked this week. Open that bottle of wine and treat your self to some much deserved down time.

  3. Love Abby's funny! (sorry Abby!) Ohio is a great place to receive a gift from. Ohio is a great place all around. Some of my best friends and family live in Ohio...including me!

  4. oh poor abbey. I touch David and we both get a shock he gets mad ha ha
    Lucky you with one of Lauren's pieces. and leaving the lights on my husband did that last week I get up early for work and every light in the house is on. When he thinks I have left to many lights on he always says the co-op called and wants us to power down. A Distracted mind.

  5. OMG gal, I chuckled at the cute picture of Abby and her fly away hair. I laughed out loud too, when you got to the leaving the lights on all night...I've done that.

    Lucky you to receive such a fine gift from Lauren. I looked at how ever her stitches are, certainly puts me to shame with my handwork.

  6. LOL I completely "get" it. LOL I am so darn tired, I can't even take the time to take pictures! And if I had time, I can't decide what to take a picture OF. I've got the same problem with the static electricity. My dog just avoids me when I first get off the couch. I love the subtle colors in the penny rug. It is a beautiful gift. Have a wonderful day!

  7. Let's be honest. I can't think of anything Lauren can't do beautifully. I would be jealous if she wasn't such a wonderful person.

  8. Abby is definitely having a bad hair day :(
    So happy you like the little mat, not like you'd tell me if you didn'
    I hope next week is better for you.
    Hugs :)

  9. Are you kidding? Sometimes the title takes more effort than the post ;)
    What a beautiful prize to win!

  10. I agree with Julia, I think you were overworked this week. Open that bottle of wine and treat your self to some much deserved down time.


  11. Pretty projects and great idea,Thank you for the tutorial and for sharing !