Friday, March 17, 2017

Irish fun

One of my favorite days.  My Irish roots were celebrated today.  I doubt many people were as proud to be Irish as my Mother and my Grandfather.  Heaven help you if you arrived at our house on March 17th and weren't wearing green.   My grandfather always joked that he wanted a real Irish wake.  You can call it coincidence but he died many years ago on march 14th and his funeral was on March 17th.   I think there was a little divine intervention there.   I took the day off work today and a friend and I headed out of town early to a fun Irish Pub about 40 minutes away.  Great food, awesome live music.  All the old favorite Irish tunes.  We had a blast for a few hours. Everyone was decked out in their finest greens but this pair stole the show.......
Wow.......right? Kind of left us a little speechless.  And maybe considering that we had reached our limit of green beer...... I still can't get past the leprechaun heads........then I wondered how were they going to pee?? Times have changed, the years have taken their toll.  There was a time when we would have spent all day and half the night at a party like this.  I've been in my pyjamas since 7:30pm.   Sigh..... Hope you all had a great day and sang a few Irish tunes a little too loud and out of tune (like me) 


    Oh my goodness Kim, what fun... Some folks will do anything for a good laugh and St Patrick Day is a good occasion to do just that. I'm glad you had a great day of celebrating. Since the time change I've been feeling tired as I get up at the old time but always go to bed an hour later. Yes I wore a bit of green but nothing like those folks at the pub.
    Thanks for sharing the green.

  2. We just got back from cornbeef and cabbage. yummm
    Looks like fun

  3. Yup Kim, I'd suspect your grandfather had his departure planned in advance and was viewing the festivities in heaven for his celebration. Happy St. Patty Day to ya.

  4. Those are fantastic!!!! (and not at all creepy) ;) Happy St Pat's!

  5. OMG! Those costumes are a hoot!
    Happy spring ;)

  6. Oh my...all I can say Too early in the morning to see that. Now, I need to go wash my eyes out! LOL

    I'm not a beer drinker, but do enjoy a good "green" margarita once in a while. Like you, I'm finding that the "more mature" I become, the less likely I am to drink more than one or two. I just feel too darn bad the next day. Even the memories of my drinking days are too much for me now. LOL

  7. My heritage is pretty far from Ireland but I enjoy any excuse to celebrate and have a Reuben sandwich! There's a restaurant here in Ashland called "O'Brien's" and they were serving "eggs and kegs" for breakfast. Seriously, I can't even face cheerios early in the AM and certainly can't imagine beer and eggs at 6am! That's how I know I'm not Irish! Hope your day was fun!

  8. It looks like so much fun Kim. I am glad you had a nice day.
    Hey being in your Pjs at 7:30 is awesome! Have a lovely week.

  9. Yup Kim, I'd suspect your grandfather had his departure planned in advance and was viewing the festivities in heaven for his celebration. Happy St. Patty Day to ya.


  10. Happy New year Kim. You've been on my mind lately and I thought of stopping by to say Hi. I hope you're keeping warm in this crazy cold and miserable frigid temperature and another storm brewing. The weather was so bad we cancelled Christmas Day celebrations and we had a chicken sandwich and wine for our Christmas family dinner. Pretty pathetic...

    I hope you're well and Abbey too.
    Warm hugs and all the best for 2018.
    Hugs, Julia❤️

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