Sunday, December 11, 2016

Oh Deer...

I travelled to the family holiday cookie exchange today.  It was a perfect travel day, although the rest of the week is sounding like a winter mess.  Not only were there guests inside but also some visitors in the backyard.
Three beautiful deer were visiting.  Later in the afternoon one was right up on the deck admiring the cookies through the window.  Great to see family and come home with a random sampling of sweets.
These were my contribution - coconut birds nests.  Later this week I'll make some shortbreads for the sweet neighbor ladies across the street 
I'm still behind on Christmas but I did get some things done Saturday.  There's no point stressing, it will get done.  I only have to work 4 more days and then I'm on vacation until the New Year!   I've been starting to feel the urge to hook again so maybe between Christmas and New Years I might actually put something on the frame.   Guess I'll end this quick update with a picture of Abby practicing yoga
Lol. Geez she looks long all stretched out like that.  She had a new bone and was completely focused like that for about an hour.  Well, the countdown is on now


  1. Your cookies look so good!! I love,love,love coconut. The only thing I like better than plain coconut, is coconut with chocolate. LOL

    We have white-tailed deer here in California, but they have longer faces. I like the look of your's better. Kinda chubby and friendly. LOL

    Enjoy your vacation...

  2. Vacation is in your sight!!! Mmmm...cookies!

  3. Deer. UGH! Nothing but giant rats.
    Love the picture of Abby. She sure is a cutie.
    Vacation. YEAH for you.
    Hugs :)

  4. Looks like Miss Abby is feeling good again. Never tried those cookies, will look them up. Enjoy your vacation and Merry Christmas.

  5. oh those cookies look yummmy! It is nice to see the deer but in the summer they kill a garden.
    Miss Abby looks very comfy.
    lucky you with your vacation.

  6. Nice to see the deers in winter but they can be a big nuisance in the spring in the gardens. The cookie exchange is a great tradition and your coconut bird nest cookies looks just divine. Good for Abbey doing Yoga, lol.
    Season's Greetings.

  7. I live in the woods and enjoy my deer anytime of year. Easy for me to say that since I don't have a grande garden and if they want to eat it they may have it. Cookies look delicious.

    Even I'm gettig excited to see something on your frame.

  8. Yummy, yummy! Looks like a fun time! Enjoy your final Christmas prep...I'm in rush to get it done!

  9. I am so glad you get to be on vacation very soon! What a nice cookie exchange. Pretty deer too.
    I do hope you get to hook.
    I hope this week flies by for you.
    Abby does look long in that picture.
    Have a lovely day.

  10. Those deer look quite fitting for this picture....but Santa may be a bit miffed when he finds out they've been out and about. The cookies look yumm i.e...and Abby sure like she 's adjusting quite well. Thanks so much for stinking with me Kim....I love you blog if I could only figure out how to change mine....still in the working phase!
    Late my friend

  11. The cookies look yummy! Enjoy your time off and do some hooking by your cozy fireplace. πŸŽ„

  12. Yummy cookies. Oh I love seeing deer. Abby is a cutie.