Friday, December 16, 2016

Pre-Winter Chill

The calendar claims it's still Fall but it sure feels like winter here!  A frigid blast of winter weather has left us with a couple of days with temps in the minus 30's.  Yes, I said minus.......  This mornings weather online
Look at the "feels like" temp........Brrrrrrrr
Not much happening today outside.   Abby and I stayed in and cleaned for awhile.  But eventually she would have to go out so being the stylish pup she is, we dressed in the trendy (and super warm) LL Bean Field Jacket
Admittedly not very feminine, but very practical and warm for the East Coast winters.  She doesn't normally mind the cold.  She loves to run and play in the snow, but not today.  There was some whining and lifting of the paws.  We didn't walk today, just in and out!
Thought I'd just add this.....just in case.   I might have to break out the onesie pj's tonight.   Yes I have a pair. Lol.  Stay warm


  1. We are in the deep freeze too. my poor car was not happy this morning.

  2. Okay, I admit that you are colder there than here. Poor Abby's paw paws.... of course they hurt in the snow as do my big boy Ben's paws. For sure know there are snow boots for pets but don't think Ben would enjoy having any put on him. Besides, if his feet get cold he'd do his poo quicker and Mom could get back in the warm house faster.

    Hugs woman and stay warm.

  3. Flannel, dear, must have flannel. LOL

    I cannot imagine minus thirty. I am at the dinner table right now complaining about 40 degrees. LOL My son is in Iowa City...they are sitting at 21 degrees. He said no snow, but freezing rain. I have never in my entire life seen freezing rain, but it sounds like all kinds of bad.

    Poor Abby. You two stay warm and safe.

  4. What a lovely coat! You have the best dressed dog. My goodness, its just so cold. Stay warm. I hope you don't have to go out much.

  5. Evening Kim, oh so cold here too, lots of snow too... Abby looks so cute in her jacket.Keep cozy,Francine.

  6. Abbey winter coat is perfect. I love the pocket. Poor pouch having to go out bare paws in this weather. Stay warm.It's cold here too.

  7. It's frigid here too and we have over a foot of snow on the ground. Stayed in and wrapped Christmas presents while watching Christmas movies.
    Abby's coat is darling!

  8. It rained yesterday which is a big deal in southern California. It's cold today but the sun is out. I am going to take my bike out tomorrow and test out the wheels with my husband. Hugs cheri

  9. Miss Abby looks quite stylish, me thinks :)
    I am already tired of winter and it's still fall. UGH!
    Merry, merry :)

  10. We've been in Chicago where it was also minus degrees...and Chubbs had a problem with his paws in the snow. He too loves the snow but the super cold just wasn't something he handled well. Have a good week and stay warm! Love Abby's coat!

  11. Well, it did get down to 29 once last week but that is the worst of north Florida weather. Roxy came back looking so pretty from her bimonthly grooming. She refuses to wear a sweater and is not so sure about her winter coat.(which looks a knockoff of LL Bean but in navy). Will try out a new pair of soft pjs I bought for myself. The old ones will make great rags.

  12. Boots! She needs boots to go with that jacket! Brrrrrrr