Friday, May 13, 2016

It's not easy being green

There's a lot of green coming up this time of year.  And I knew the time would come when I'd have to bring out my old friend from retirement 
The neighbor to my right mowed his lawn 2 days ago, putting the rest of us to shame. I could feel people judging me.  I had dandelions and a messy lawn.  My neighbor on the other side works also so both of us felt pressure to mow our lawns after work today.   The rest of our block are retired so we are always last to get the deed done.   As I was finishing, V was weeding her flower bed and suddenly screamed.  I ran over and look what we found
Isn't he cute?  He was hiding in the weeds and she accidently grabbed him.  Naturally I laughed but I would have freaked too.   I have 2 new shrubs waiting for planting.  An endless summer hydrangea and some kind of willow. The garden centre lady said I needed to let them "harden" for a week or two.
So for now I'm leaving them outside all day until bedtime and then I tuck them in the garage in case there is a frost.  I hope I can plant them soon because the longer they are in my direct care, the higher the chance they will die 😃   And in other Spring "green" news, it's finally fiddlehead season.  Fiddleheads are a young edible fern and they are only in season for a couple of weeks.  I love them.  I cooked up a batch last night, covered in butter and splashed with vinegar  
They are great as a side, also work great in quiche.  I saw a recipe online for fiddlehead chowder so I might try that this week too.  I have another bag in the fridge ready to cook  Supper tonight wasn't green but they were so cute I took a photo.  I call them Mexican chicken boats 
I saw these new mini tortilla bowls at the grocery store and had to try them.  I filled with shredded chicken, fresh corn, olives, cheese and taco sauce.   So yummy!  And the possibilities for these little bowls are endless.    


  1. That was a frog???? I never saw a frog that big with teeth. Those mini bowls look great.

  2. That was a frog???? I never saw a frog that big with teeth. Those mini bowls look great.

  3. Oh, I looked at the small picture then tapped on the photo and see those were But still it looks huge.

  4. OK, the fiddleheads just a ways down from the frog was too much for me, as they seemed froggy!!!!

    Give that willow a lot of room wherever you plant it! I love my dappled willow. It survived being relocated twice on whims and just grows like crazy! Horizontally and vertically.

  5. Did not know Fiddleheads are edible. I had to move toads to the woods away from the cats so I bought a few toad houses for them. One was so big he didn't fit through the opening so I had to make one from a clay pot. Hope I see him this year.

  6. toads mean not snakes. I bought some fiddleheads on Friday on the way home so yummm your boats look good too. Husband is retired so he is one of those that get the lawn mowed.

  7. Having a toad in your garden is good luck and they eat a lot of bugs.
    Never tried fiddle heads. Not sure they looked that good to me.
    Good luck on your new shrubs. I love hydrangeas.

  8. Morning Keep m, lucky to find the Toad in your garden, great pest eater.....never tried Fiddleheads, but look good..... Yes, back to mowing every week but that's ok, summer exercise.Blessings Francine.

  9. Yup. This the season for mowing, weeding, etc, but I'll take it in a heartbeat over winter any day. Today is cold, drizzly and gloomy. I have enough wood for one last fire. That's so wrong in the middle of May.
    Hugs :)

  10. That toad is huge - I would have screamed too!

    I have never had fiddlehead a - would love to try them!

  11. I had another snake and you had a frog you win. That is the biggest frog I have ever seen.cheri