Sunday, April 24, 2016

House Work

I wish I could say I had a restful weekend.  But instead I worked the days away.  Some office work brought home and the dreaded house work.  I swear this little house will never be done.  Almost 2 years ago I thought buying a fixer upper would be fun.  What was I thinking?  Lol The new floors are done and I'm playing around with area rugs etc.   The living room this morning
The dining room with a new area rug. (Which is eventually going in the living room when I find "just the right one" for the dining room).  Try as I might to keep Abby off that rug it has become her favorite spot!
Just a peek at the floor in the den.  It's still a work in progress.  Want to make it into a little office but still looking for the perfect old antique table to use a desk
I've been unhappy with my tv stand since I moved here.  First I had a corner stand which I hated.  Then I used an old antique dresser painted blue.  Hated that too.  Then I found a tv stand I liked and ordered it.  Naturally it was back ordered but arrived last week.  The reviews said easy to assemble.  The instructions said it was best to do with 2 people.  Clearly they meant 2 licensed contractors!   OMG, it took me over 3 hours.  A big chunk of that was realizing after I screwed the legs in they were on the wrong side.  And I really screwed them in tight.  I would say it was about 45 minutes to loosen those damn screws and do it again.  Argghhhhhhhhhh, the nasty words were flying!   But it's done and in place.  Finally!
Now I realize I need a bigger tv.  Lol  


  1. Oh Kim it all looks so great!

  2. Your floors look great and it looks like it is all coming together nicely.
    Of course Abby will find the dining room rug her favorite resting spot. Just a four legged kid.
    Hugs :)

  3. I love your floors!!! They looks so great. I think your house is turning out to be really, really cute. I think it looks fun and happy.
    I love how Abby likes her rug. She looks very pleased with herself.

  4. Morning KimI love the floors, great cozy room. Blessings Francine.

  5. Frankly I think you've done a great job with your comfy home in the two years. Hey, if anyone needs a new TV it is me. Mine is one of the old ones which won't die and has the bulbous back ~ not a nice flat screen.

  6. I don't think you realize how much your decorating skills have improved in the past two years. Your place looks amazing! A house is always a work in progress, but yours is looking VERY good!

  7. The floors look great and your house is lookin' good! Yes - the projects are never ending! 🌷

  8. TV's are a lot easier to assemble...except for those remote thingies I can never program. My sister is the queen of assembly. I am not. Looks like you did a great job and your home is really coming together and will totally be worth all the work because it will be "you" and a place to enjoy with Abby! Love the floors!

  9. Your floor looks great!! I agree about the tv husband and I put one together a few months was all ugly. LOL

    I didn't even notice Abby the first time. LOL She blends!!

  10. Everything looks great, lots of hard work went into your house. We mounted our t.v. on the wall so no more stands for us! I commend you for taking on the challenge of putting your stand together, you should be proud of your accomplishment!