Saturday, July 23, 2016


I'm still here although there hasn't been much happening.  My Vermont company is still here and they are keeping me busy.  3 weeks down, 1 to go.  I'm exhausted from it.  I'm used to a quiet little life and although I love them it will be nice to get back to normal.   We have been eating well with all the fresh farm vegetables out.  I thought I'd share this, it's my favorite thing this time of year.  It's really only good when the veggies are new and fresh - baby potatoes, baby carrots, fresh peas........yummmm  
Unfortunately the fresh strawberries are almost gone but I made the most beautiful pie yesterday.  Just look at that lattice work!
No hooking has been done but lots of knitting.  Lately the needles are making me happy.  I'm trying some different dish cloth patterns  
Of course, quality inspected by Miss Abby .
Sorry I haven't been visiting blogs lately but I'll catch up soon.  I'm trying to limit my screen time.  I had a little eye accident and badly scratched my eyeball.  It's getting better but I find too much computer time gives me a headache since I still can't wear my contact lenses.  


  1. My goodness, this is one chocked full update!!! Love the dishcloths (and inspector 12). Ouch to the eyeball! Take care!

  2. Oh goodness, not your eye!! Your wash rags are wonderful and I like your inspector. I know where you have been now, I forgot about your family being there in July. So glad you gave an update. Enjoy your Sunday.

  3. Kim , I love your dishcloths. I too had eye issues this month. Rest your eyes! Cheri

  4. Pie - Yum! Love your dish cloths and the inspector too.
    Take care and hope the eye gets better soon.
    Happy Sunday!

  5. Glad to have you back even briefly. Nice dish cloths but mine would have to be something other than white or having to bleach them all the time would weaken the yarn for sure. For some reason my dish cloths soil quickly.

    Careful with those eyes girl they are the only ones you have. I've an appointment in August to see about my worst cataract and am sure it will need surgery.

  6. I'll pass on the hodge podge but I'd LOVE some pie.
    That's a lot of family time. Good thing you like
    Take care of those eyes!!!
    Hugs :)

  7. I grew up most of the time down east Maine on the border of bruswick Canada and I have never heard of that. But it sounds good. But oh that pie yummmmm. I love your dish cloths! and glad to see Abbey is keeping track of you.
    hope your eye is better soon.

  8. Nothing like fresh veggies and fruit this time of year! I love watching our garden grow and also hitting the Farmer's Market on Saturdays to fill in the blanks. Your Hodge podge sounds interesting and I'm thinking it's probably really tasty too! Have a good week!

  9. Help out a Southern girl who has no clue as to what "cerel cream" is. The recipe sounds great, just too much for two diners. Guess I could freeze any left overs. Sorry you having such hot and steamy weather. The hottest places are up north this year while we are having our rainy season. I'll take it this way,because I hate snow.