Sunday, July 3, 2016

Rug update and weekend review

I don't know why they call them long weekends because they sure seem to fly by quickly.   I didn't get to hook very much but I did manage to get a picture and pull some wools to try for the rest.  Here is what is done so far 
Now I notice a leaf at the top I forgot to hook.  Oops.  So I don't know about the border yet but I'm thinking I might try these wools for the flowers.
They are not that bright in person.  Maybe I will try a bit when I finish this post.    Abby continues to love her new spot.  Here she is watching the Canada Day fireworks. (She was watching until she decided to pose for me)  She was fascinated, not at all scared 
Tonight I made a pan of cinnamon rolls to make going back to work tomorrow a little sweeter.  I have the hang of making them now
Now that my long weekend is over, my American friends are still enjoying one more day.  Happy 4th to you


  1. Your rug is very pretty. I like the colors you chose. How nice that Abby isn't afraid of the fireworks.
    Your cinnamon rolls look fantastic. I wish you were off tomorrow too. I think long weekends I work harder. :) Have a great week!

  2. Cinnamon rolls look great. That middle wool looks like a wool Dorr sells and they say 'it doesn't rip'. It does rip and will cut and the price is great. Plus it really does hook nicely. I've used it in something but can't remember what right now.

    Anyway, your hooking looks great and guess you've decided to put purple in it since we Americans seem to be pushing purple, lol.

    Luv ya.

  3. Your Tree Birds is looking wonderful. I'm not that far along only the right half is done. Not sure what I am going to use for border, order some wool from Heaven To Betsy so hope one of them will work. My background color is similar but my leaves are darker. It has been a fun rug to work on. A wool applique BOW has taken time away from hooking.

  4. My mouth is watering at those cinnamon rolls...your rug looks wonderful, but Abby steals the show!

  5. Oh Kim, those cinnamon buns look soooooo good, my mouth is watering too. Good for Abby, my girl gets so scared.Blessings Francine.

  6. Great that Abby is not afraid of the fireworks. My granddog wasn't afraid either, but I had a foster (pug wannabe Annie) who was terrified of the noise.
    Your rug looks mahvelous. Yes, these long weekends are too short.
    Hugs :)

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    1. Sorry - I accidentally deleted my comment!
      Your rug and the cinnamon rolls both look great!

  8. Your birds are so pretty...I love that blue. I agree, a three day weekend is just not quite enough. LOL I am ready for retirement. Your cinnamon rolls look soooo good...I have coffee!