Sunday, August 7, 2016

A few finds

Yesterday we had an Artisans Market downtown.  I planned to stay away because I am beyond broke and have no self control but a friend convinced me to go with her.  I made 2 tiny purchases so that wasn't too bad.  I could not resist the little pottery tea bag holder.  Isn't it cute?
There was another potter who had sweet little cups with a dent for your thumb.  It felt so great in your hand but I couldn't spend $20 for a small cup, especially since I would likely break it within a month.  But it did feel great in the hand. There was also a lady with handmade hardwood spoons of all sizes.  They also felt great in the hand.  I don't know about you but I'm so tactile, I have to hold and feel all those types of things.  But I passed.  (So impressed with my self control)  But I weakened when I passed the Bear Claw table, dipped in cinnamon sugar. Yummmmmm
Later in the day a coworker called me and said the house next to her was being sold and the family had a bunch of stuff to give away.  So I scored a project for next summer.  This will be painted and become a bench to hold flower pots, I think. 
I think it will look cute against the side of my garage with some colourful pots.  That's all this weekend. It flew by too fast 


  1. I love the tea bag holder! good for you for getting out. I am all about holding things in my hand especially wooden spoons how I love them.

  2. How nice and I admire your self control. Yes, I am a tactile person too.
    That will be a nice project next spring.
    I hope you have a nice new week.

  3. Love your good finds! That bench will look so fun. It would look nice with mums in the Fall too..just sayin!

  4. Weekends always pass too quickly...sigh.
    What a sweet little tea bag holder. I've never seen anything like that before.
    The bench will be great for the garden and free is always good.
    Hugs :)

  5. I rarely drink tea but that is an incredible idea and think it is cute. Wow, you were a really good girl for both going with your friend and controlling your shopping urge.

  6. Hi Kim, I love your little tea bag holder and your little bench. Maybe Abbey will claim it for herself.
    I haven't been on the computer much either. It seems the summer is just whizzing by and we're already in the the second week of August.
    Good for you for controlling your urges to spend.
    Take care and have a good rest of summer.

  7. Free stuff for fun projects!!! Woohoo!