Friday, August 12, 2016

Sweet rain drops

Sometimes circumstances make us feel differently than we could have imagined.  Case in point - you've rarely heard me say what I said multiple times today.........."Yay, it's raining!"   And it's supposed to rain all weekend and I'm happy about it. 
  I regularly hear my sweet California friend Kim from the blog Field of Dreams talk about wishing for rain.  I never really appreciated her perspective because we are usually complaining about too much rain in the summer.  Not this summer.  It has been major drought conditions with wild fires popping up across the province.  My lawn is patchy brown and actually crunches when you walk on it.  I have faithfully watered my flowers though because I paid too much money to let them die.  So here I sit, listening to rain drops and ignoring the fact that my hair is huge and frizzy.  I don't care.  It's Friday and it's raining and it's all good 


  1. We are twin rain lovers this weekend! We had a brief but lovely shower just a few minutes ago and we're promised more on the way. I don't care that's it's a weekend because I have a crunchy lawn too and I'm really tired of watering the flowers and veggies. So enjoy the damp and I'm hoping it will also cool off and take the humidity down. I'm ready for Fall and I can't even believe I just said that!

  2. How nice that it is going to rain all weekend. That is wonderful. You are having wild fires too. How terrible.
    I hope you have just an awesome, restful weekend.
    I will rejoice in knowing you are having rain. It will be so nice to think about.

  3. yes it is raining here too and we need it badly. But the heat and humidity have been brutal. I am not one to wish summer away but I have had my fill bring on the crisp fall air.

  4. Glad you are getting some well needed rain. Hey girl, you need to put more wine in that glass as it looks less than half full. Just sayin'.

  5. Hi Kim, I hope that everything is OK with you as we get ready to turn the calendar page.
    My front lawn is usually brown at this time of year but time it's still very green because of all the rain we got.

    I welcome the cooler temperature.
    Hugs to you and Abbey.

  6. I've been thinking about you and hoping all is well and you're happily busy...hugs