Monday, June 20, 2016


Ah Monday, thou art a heartless wench.   Let me tell you how my day started ........ I took Abby out and we walked around the side of the house and my compost bin was upset there was rotten food ALL over the driveway.  Grrrrrr and gross.  So at 6:45am I was in the driveway with plastic bags tied on my hands picking up garbage!   Tonight that bin is bungee corded down so whatever little critter thinks they are coming back for seconds better go somewhere else.
After that little pre-breakfast treat I settled in for a coffee.   I was enjoying my coffee, checking emails etc and thinking about getting dressed.   Everything was going fine and then I got a text message........."did you forget about summer hours?"   Damn, shit, frickety frack!!   Yes today we started summer hours which means we go in earlier - at 8am.   Well, it was 8:10am and I was still in my Jammie's.     Let me tell you, I was up those stairs like a flash and then out the door
I wish I could tell you things improved at work but..........
Thank goodness Monday only happens once a week.   Time to play with some wool and wind down 


  1. Oh no!! What a way to start a Monday. At least you remembered to put out the trash can. So do you have raccoons? I bet you weren't the only one who forgot summer hours were you? I am glad you are pulling loops, you deserve some wool therapy.

  2. What time do you normally start? My summer hours are are my winter I HATE mornings but I sure do like leaving at 3.
    Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
    Wool play time is good.
    Hugs :)

  3. LOL I've got the same hours year round, up at 4 am, 6-2. I was already grouchy when I got up, grumbled to myself as I drove to work, had a staff complain that I "forgot" to "remind" him about his schedule change (really?) and then realized that someone "misplaced" 150 box lunches. And the produce company didn't deliver 1000 pounds of salad. Oh yeah, it's Monday....

  4. I hope your garbage eater moves on tonight. If you go in early do you get to go home early? I hate Mondays but it is behind us for another week.

  5. It was always easier for me to get up and ready in the summer months. Didn't mean I still wasn't late.

  6. I start at 7am so 8 sounds good! Anyways, it's Tuesday and if you don't count today, the week is half over! Hope it's much better!

  7. Morning, ya, that full moon does funny things, hope today is better.Blessings Framcine.

  8. You sure do know how to spin a good yarn. Sorry that I chuckled at your expense.