Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Now it's ON

Oh yeah, game on!  It's a full on war.  Me versus raccoon. Meet my new nemesis
This morning I turned the corner, feeling cocky that I had outsmarted the raccoon with my bungee cord.   This is what I found
Well he didn't manage to get the lid open (hahaha) but he was obviously mad enough to knock it over.  He must be a big one because this bin is quite heavy.   Tonight I've turned the bin around so the wheels are against the house.  I'm feeling confident.  I tell you if I was younger I'd camp out all night with a tennis racket and whack the crap out of this bugger.  I hate critters! Can't you just picture me hiding in the dark, wearing camouflage and hunting raccoons?  Lol   
My friend Cathy from Acorn Hollow blog recently found some "interesting" wall decor.......
Hmmmmm, stuffed and mounted squirrel butt.......... I'm thinking a stuffed raccoon butt on my garage door might send a signal to any others who might be eying my compost bin in the future.  What do you think?  😜  


  1. Haha, I can see you getting that and putting it on your garage. So funny. I hope you win. I have all but given up the war with critters. My yard is a mess with little holes.
    Good Luck!

  2. Go get em honey you can do it and plant his butt on the side of that can as a warning to others! ha ha ha

  3. Oh my goodness...not my type of decor. LOL But as a warning, it might work. Many years ago, I had outside cats. I fed them on our carport. Every day, the I would find their dish in the middle of the road. I was SURE that it was the neighbor's dog. One night, I heard him stealing my dish. I did the ninja thing, with a big flashlight in hand. As I turned the corner, I turned on the light and yelled. Dog? No. Extra, extra, extra large opossum. Mean and ugly. I moved their bowl to a safer place the next day. LOL

  4. FUNEEE. Just be careful advancing toward a raccoon as they can be rabid. I'm writing you personally with a previous experience.

  5. I'll pass on the mounted squirrel butt!!!
    Hope you can outsmart the raccoon.
    Hugs :)