Saturday, January 14, 2017

It's all in my head

I've written so many great blog posts in the last week or so.  Of course they have been witty, charming and super entertaining.  Unfortunately they have all stayed in my head and none have made it online.    Sigh..........sorry.   Seems I have been a bit of a New Years Resolution Hypocrite.   You know I don't make resolutions but I sure seem to be acting like I have made several.  The new year has given me a strange desire to do things like eat and cook healthier.  I've been on an organization kick.   This week I moved all my office furniture around and got rid of a ton of paper.  You can actually see the top of my desk now!   I've also been organizing the house.  I'm trying to purge.  I have a lot of crap that is crammed into the den and spare room.  Mainly stuff for "projects" I "think" I'll do in the future.   Time to come to my senses and realize that most of them will not happen.   It feels so good to get organized but I still have a long way to go.   Tomorrow I hope to sort through bins and bins of rug hooking stuff.   I think if it's organized and I actually know what I have, it might get me going again.   The weather has been crappy, wet and then bitterly cold so I'm enjoying this nesting phase.  


  1. I'm NOT holding my breath (reply to your personal email). But dang girl, I definitely need to get some inspiration from YOU! You're doing what I should be doing and you're putting me to shame.

    Missed you but understand. You know I'll luv ya anyway.

  2. It must be in the air. I have throw out old crappy silverware bought all new cleaned out junk drawers and closets I have brought a car load to the thrift and the dump. But I need to get creating enough is enough.

  3. I'm organizing as well but I'm till so far behind.
    Good for you to purging what clutters the room and the head.
    You've taken the new year by storm. Good things are happening.

  4. Well it sounds like a great start to me. I haven't hooked though. Our house flooded last week, so I did lots of decluttering. :)
    It makes me laugh you have been writing posts in your head. When I start doing that I need to write. I hope you have a lovely Sunday. Are you all well now?

  5. You are doing all the things that are still just in my! Good for you.

    I hope you get your hooking stuff organized so you can get hook in hand.
    Hugs :)

  6. I have made two resolutions this year... one to drink more water and I am failing miserably on that one. And two is to purge 3 items a week and that has been a piece of cake so far. One out of two ain't bad..

  7. Good morning, Kim. Yep, my best blog posts are always written in my head, right before I get out of bed. By the time I've had my first cup of coffee, POOF. All gone.

    I've been trying to organize for months. I started in November and have barely made a dent. Sigh. How can one person have so much great stuff? LOL LOL LOL

    Have a wonderful day!

  8. I'm going to live vicariously through you since my purging and organizing is going agonizingly slow! Our weather has been so weird. Bitter cold turned to warm, to cold and ice and back to warm. It's suppose to be in the fifties this week. Makes me think February will be the cold snowy month. That's how we roll in Ohio. Have a good week!

  9. Last year I only wrote a few posts. I was working and commuting like crazy. LOL

  10. Good for you! I need to purge and organize too.

  11. That's what I am doing . It feels good.