Saturday, January 28, 2017

Learning lessons

Well, I'm learning a LOT of lessons in my little foray into making a quilt.  Most importantly, it does require some pre-planning.  (I did not pre-plan, I just dove in).   I used my 2 charm packs and made my 9 patch blocks but didn't calculate what I needed.  So to make this rentangular I didn't have enough blocks. 
This was too narrow but if I added another row of 3 blocks, it would be square and I wanted rectangular.  But I didn't want to buy more fabric since this is truly just a "practice" piece.  So I decided to be like Saundra and "tweak" things a little.      Now if you are a REAL quilter you may want to stop reading right now because I'm sure you are about to be horrified .  I took 2 of my finished blocks of 4 and removed the middle seam to "half" them and came up with this tweak.....
Now the top is all pieced into one top  
I've since layered the 3 layers and started sewing it together.   The next "lesson" was I decided since it wasn't perfect anyways I should see if I could machine quilt it without a special walking foot for my machine.   Note: I have since ordered a walking foot online.   Tomorrow perhaps I'll try sewing the binding on.  This will become a blanket for Abby.     Another good reminder, to move your hand when using the rotary cutter


  1. Your learning fast. Quilt looks great, it would of been what I did and I've been quilting for a long time. A walking foot makes it a easier and neater job you won't be sorry you bought it. A rotary cutter has been know to slice a finger good requiring many stitches--slow and careful is good. You will soon be a pro.

  2. Always, always lock that rotary cutter when you are finished! If it falls off the table it will cut whatever t, the poodle or furniture. I know of a lady who had it hit her leg and off to the ER she went. Your quilt looks great. Yes, I quilted for years, but now love rug hooking much better. You both stay safe,

  3. Ahh, you and I have been down the same crafting road! Try quilting many moons ago but gave up. Too much planning for my Gemini mind, I'd rather dive in. That rotary cutter can do some serious damage!

  4. go great how you jump in I need to do the same with hooking

  5. you're doing a great job and changing things around to make it work like a pro! lovely little quilt...I stick with scissors as I like my fingers just how they are and know the rotary cutter is after me...

  6. I'm a self taught quilter like you but I hand quilt and never even tried to machine quilt. My biggest project was a king size applique quilt. Ouch....

    Your little quilt is fabulous.
    Have fun with it.

  7. Quilt looks great. I'm sure Abby will be most appreciative. Your hand...not so much. Ouch.
    Happy Sunday :)

  8. Oh my God, I hope that you did not hurt yourself too much.
    The quilt looks pretty good. I would not have noticed anything.

  9. The tweak worked famously! Eek! Rotary cutters...I ran off the edge of my mat an through the tablecloth, but luckily not my hand!

  10. Nooo, your poor hand. Yes, you do learn they cut skin pretty easy too. I love your little Abby quilt. I think it is really pretty. So now that you have done it, what do you like better? Hooking or quilting?