Tuesday, January 24, 2017

It's frightful

The weather outside is frightful.   We are in the middle of a nasty ice storm.   The freezing rain started just after lunch and is expected to continue through the night, along with very high wind gusts.   I'm hoping we don't lose power tonight and I'm also hoping that my car doesn't look like this in the morning.....
I just stole that from Google but if my car is encased in ice tomorrow I'll take a photo.    Even Abby is not enjoying the slip and slide outside.  No complaints tonight when I refused to take her for our walk. She happily bounded back inside as soon as she did her business.  Along with the bad weather, I didn't have a very restful night last night.  I think I might have had a little food poisoning although I don't know what would have caused it.  But I woke up at 2am and spent the next hour being violently sick.  I crawled back to bed at 3am and went right back to sleep until the alarm rang.  I felt fine although a little tired so I did go to work.  (But I'm dragging now, so it will be an early night) So to brighten this dreary night I thought I'd share a chance for you to win a painting by my very talented friend .  I have many of his pieces.  Here is the info to enter on Facebook 
Here is the actual piece
Go check out his page, I'm sure you'll see something you like.  If you're in the path of the storm, stay safe and warm 


  1. Sorry you were so sick last night girl.... and still managed to drag yourself to work. Hope like heck your car doesn't look like that tomorrow either and be careful and walk like an old lady on that ice!!!!!!

    Lauren knows first hand about the beautiful art your friend paints. I was in awe of the painting of Ellie.

    Good night...sleep tight!

  2. I hope your storm isn't too bad and you're feeling even better tomorrow.
    Saundra beat me to it (as always!). I treasure the watercolor of Ellie that Benjamin did at your request. He is so talented.
    Ellie is framed, hanging in my bedroom so she still spends every night with me. How I miss that little spitfire.
    Hugs :)

  3. that storm just moved out of here it was 3 inches of sleet not fun to drive on.
    get some sleep my friend

  4. Yup sure sounds like a little food poisoning! Happy that you're feeling better. Yikes sure hope you car does NOT look like that tomorrow.
    I didn't get to comment on your previous post but I gotta say I'm so impressed with your quilting skills....now you'll have a whole stack of cotton alongside your wool stash!

  5. What a trooper to head to work anyway-maybe you will be iced in for a restful day at home tomorrow!

  6. Ice storms are the worse they cause so much damage. We woke up to heavy frost, it left the shaded parts of the streets and parking lots with a thin coat of ice that was like a skating rink, same for tomorrow. Car windows had to be scrapped before I could go to gym @ 9 am. Be safe and hope you feel better tomorrow.

  7. You could work in surgery with your "go to work even though I don't feel good" attitude! Hope you are doing better and just rest as much as you can. I know we're expecting colder weather and some snow but hopefully not the ice! I'll take a blizzard over an ice storm...wait, did I just say that? Hopefully Mother Nature was busy in your neighborhood and missed that statement! Be safe!

  8. Hope your weather clears quickly. Stay in, stay safe. I had that same illness a couple of months ago. Went to bed fine. Woke up a couple of hours later, emptied my stomach until I thought my toes were coming up next. Went back to sleep. Was fine other than being exhausted when I woke up . Weird.

  9. Morning Km,oh oh, does sound like food poisoning, hope all ok..... What a wicked storm, ice storms is so so dangerous. Blessings Francine.

  10. That bug was around at Christmas it lasts a couple day. You poor thing. I thought it was bad we had days of rain but that is so much worse! Hang in there cheri

  11. I have been ill today too. Its the pits. I am proud of you for going to work. I hope your car didn't get iced like that car. How terrible.
    I hope you feel better now.