Sunday, February 12, 2017

And repeat.......

We are in "storm prep" mode again.  The weather chick on tv referred to tomorrow's storm as "the worst of this season".  That's a direct quote.  Wonderful!  It's supposed to start early in the morning and be blizzard conditions for close to 24 hours.   This time I bought actually milk and bread.  Flashlights were checked and candles are ready if needed.   Enough of that.  Today I played with quilting some more.  I managed to figure out how to attach my new walking presser foot to the sewing machine.  I cut fabric for binding the small baby quilt.  I watched a video from Missouri Star Quilt Company and cut the strip 2 1/2 inches.   It started out ok
But......then I got to a corner and things went downhill quickly  
I have come to the realization that maybe a 2 and a 1/2 inch strip might be good for a seasoned quilter but I think it's too narrow for a newbie.  And I need to rewatch the video on corners a few more times.   So I've set this aside for now.  When my blood pressure lowers, I will start over.  So I jumped to another project and put the final border on my bigger quilt and began the process of putting the 3 layers together and pinning.  No pictures of that stage.  It was frustrating as I don't have a large open floor space to do this properly.  Plus I got halfway done and realized I didn't have enough safety pins.    Since I started pinning in the middle and working outward I thought maybe I could start quilting in the middle so I put the quilt in a small lap frame. 
I tried hand quilting for about 10 minutes but............I think I'll try the machine and see what happens.  It would be nice to finish one project.   Hopefully it will be storming enough early in the morning and work will be cancelled before we open.  I hate it when they hold off and by the time they decided to close, you have to shovel your way INTO your driveway.   Oh, and Miss Abby entertained herself while I was sewing.  I heard her chewing and thought she was at her rawhide bone so I ignored her.   Nope.......she found a hair clip
Sigh........she's almost 2 and nowhere near getting over that "chew anything" phase.  


  1. You poor woman you. I feel your anger intensifying with each sentence. Think the reason was yet another STORM and a project which didn't go your way.

    BUT think about this... with the snow storm you will have time to rip out stitches and re-do those which didn't go your way. HEY, You are Woman and I hear you roar! Let us see what ya got!

  2. Hopefully you don't lose power so that you can continue to work on your quilts. Snow days are a great time to work on projects . . . . . . . whenyou aren't shoveling. I'm almost done hooking a rug but now I think I have to change a few things so will be ripping out too!

  3. So sorry to hear about your approaching storm but hopefully you will get a snow day and can work on your quilts. I'd say you've accomplished/learned a lot in a very short time.
    Stay safe :)

  4. Your blue and yellow quilt top is looking wonderful. I've never dared try machine quilting. All I ever did was hand quilting and I have tons of patience but man oh man, it's murder on the fingers. I pricked my fingers to the bone almost.

    This is the craziest February ever... I don't have days off from feeding my calves and I hope I can find the barn in the morning. It sounds like a really bad storm. I have a wood stove and hope we don't loose power. I went to get some ice cream so I would not run out during the storm. lol.

    Stay cool and everything will be alright.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Too bad I don't live closer showing you how to do binding wouldn't take but 10 minuets. I struggled until I actually saw it being done rather than relying on a photo or video. If you have a local quilt shop someone should be able to help you.