Monday, February 20, 2017

Not according to plan

Things don't always go as planned.  After my last post I was eager to begin a stretch of 5 days off.  Boy, did I have big plans however I was foiled at every corner.     The snow storm finally ended Thursday night however my snow plow guy had mechanical issues and didn't arrive on Friday until supper time.  Which meant that I couldn't get my car out of the yard all day.    Oh well, I thought I'd have time to finish quilting and even had the lofty goal of adding the binding.  Then I could take it to the local quilt store for a viewing and pick out a new project.
Instead I have fought with this stupid machine for days.    Three days of attempts and I still have 2 lines of quilting to do before I can bind.  The needle has broken, the walking foot fallen off, thread breakage, needle jamming and sticking requiring me to take it apart multiple times........UGHHHHHHHHHHH.  I guess attempting a project like this on a cheapy Walmart sewing machine might be too much.   I have the binding all ready to go but for now it will wait until I figure out a new plan
Then on Saturday night auntie and I were invited to a special birthday dinner.  It was out of town at a very expensive restaurant.   Neither of us wanted to go but it was for a family friend who is rapidly succumbing to Alzheimer's.  Her daughter wanted to do something special as it will likely be the last birthday her Mom remembers most of us.   I could relate to how she felt so we went.   It was the absolute worst experience ever.  I would say the service was bad, but it was virtually non existent. 
We arrived and were seated at 6:15pm.   There were 3 other tables seated.   We ordered our entrees  and drinks.  Drinks arrived 5 minutes later and that was the last we saw of any staff for the next 2 hours.   No food, no drink refills, no explanation, nothing.    At the 2 hour and 20 minute mark we were all pretty angry.  A waitress  appeared out of nowhere to clear another table.  We had to yell to get her attention and asked her what was happening with our food.  "Oh it will be out in 5 minutes".    Another 20 minutes passed and finally a plate came out.   Our food was delivered to our table in roughly 4 minute intervals, one at a time.  There was 7 of the math.  By the time the last one was served, the first guy was finished.    By this time time, no one was really hungry anymore.  Our drinks and water galsses were never refilled once! She knew we were mad and a few minutes later the owner arrived with our bill and a weak, insincere apology.    Was there a discount on the cheque??? NO.    This was the first time in my life I have never left a tip.  None of us did.    .That's just highlights


  1. Oh my goodness! There is just no excuse for that. I would never ever go back there. It just makes you wonder. I hope you get your machine fixed. I really hate sewing machine problems. I think that is why I don't quilt more.
    I hope your week goes much nicer.

  2. The poor family member who was trying to do a nice thing. What a F-up and glad no one left a tip ~ would never go back to that resteraunt EVER.

    Yeah, I'd say you had a bad several days and am sorry. Bet you re-stocked the wine rack and suds tho.

    Hope your next whole month goes smoothly.

  3. And that is why I hate quilting you are always fight with the machine.
    You should have all walked out at the hour mark.

  4. Dear Kim, what a horrible experience. I bet that restaurant won't stay opened much longer. That poor girl must feel so bad after this disaster. I certainly would have been fuming and not left a tip either. I don't tip for poor service and i DON'T GO BACK.
    Just think, you could all have walked out of there and they probably would not have noticed.

  5. Oops, I totally forgot about your other frustration. I hope that you'll figure it all out. If you have a friend who sews, maybe she can give you some tips on how to not break the needle. At least, you didn't got the needle stuck in your finger like I did when I first started sewing. It hurts like bloody hell.

  6. So sorry about the machine woes!!!
    What an awful dining experience. No excuse for it!
    Hope the week is off to a better start :)

  7. Well that's crap. I lose patience quickly and would have asked for the manager an hour after the drinks came. At the very least they should have been to your table to explain and apologize for the delay. I feel bad for the daughter that wanted it to be special. Well, it won't be forgotten! I sure hope the sewing machine is over its hissy fit.

  8. ok so as far as the restaurant goes i hope you write a very nasty review so everyone can see it. Just not right in so many ways. Now about your machine...that sucks..I hate having to mess with the tension as that sounds like your problem. I find that after having my machine cleaned and adjusted it works so much better. But I also think that buying a little better machine from your local sewing center is so much cheaper in the long run....saves time, money and most of all frustration. Keep the faith my friend and good luck.