Saturday, February 4, 2017

Never give up

Today my persistence and outright stubbornness paid off.  It didn't hurt that I really loved this fabric so I couldn't bear to abandon it just yet.  If you recall where we left off on what I'm now calling the "quilting experiment apocalypse ", I had a pile of strips, riddled with mistakes in a pile on the floor 
This morning I began the painstaking process of ripping out each seam and resewing them together properly.   In between I also found a couple of pieces that were sewn on the wrong side and I fixed those too.    Since things were going ok I decided to start joining the strips and hoped this day was not wasted.   Well...........look at what happened........I have a quilt top
I was soooooo doing the Happy Dance around my living room
When payday arrives Thursday I'll go shopping for more fabric for a good size border and binding.     Speaking of quilts, this is good weather for them.  It's freaking freezing here   I might have to break out the pj onesie tonight at bedtime 
I know they look silly, but damn they are comfy!  


  1. That quilt is beautiful! I love those would look fabulous in my bedroom! I can't complain about our weather of late although it's been chilly it's also been dry with no snow so I'll take it! Enjoy those jammies and the rest of your weekend!

  2. What a woman!!! I'm glad you're not a quitter. Neither am I...
    Never give up is the right thing to do. Look at that quilt top.
    It's B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L... I just think that fabric is so lovely. Rome wasn't built in a day but you got that quilt top done on the second day. Way to go girl.


  3. Love it! we are in the deep freeze too and the wind blew most of the day.

  4. Great job! Try, try again is always good motto. Since it's cold in your neck of the woods, a wool batting would be a good choice, a bit more pricey but worth it as it's light weight but warm.

  5. Turned out great! Glad you didn't give up!

  6. And a beautiful quilt top it is too. It looks happy with those colors and am sure you will pick just the perfect fabric for the border. See, sometimes that stubborness and persistence pay off. I think that onsie looks very comfy and warm; I give a thumbs up for that outfit.

  7. Good morning, Kim! Perfect!! I can see why you didn't give up. That fabric is so beautiful. As for the onesie...I am a bit chubby...all I can see in my mind is me looking like a sausage. LOL

  8. What a pretty quilt top!! I love those colors too. The P.J.s look like something I would live in. I bought Emilie some last Christmas and she loves them so much.
    I hope you can stay warm today.

  9. Kim,
    Beautiful colors on the quilt top. It is also the perfect size for Abby? Has she claimed it yet?

  10. I am so glad you aren't a quitter! That quilt is beautiful!! Love the colors!!
    I know I haven't been around to comment for quite some time so I hope I'm still welcome here! Those onesie pj's look so comfy!! I've often thought about getting a pair but then I envision my self trying to get them off in a hurry in the bathroom.... just sayin'!
    Stay warm and snugglie!!
    Cathy G

  11. Good for you kim! There is a site called Craftsy that is great for on line craft classes. I have taken lots of classes which are really fun. Check it out you will be able to take a class whenever you want on quilting to knitting to cooking. It would be helpful to take a basic quilt course which could lead to less painful quilting! Hugs cheri

  12. Your quilt top looks mahvelous!!!
    Hugs :)

  13. Love your "happy dance"....your flanel onesies look toasty but best of all I'm so impressed with your dedication to this project. It looks great Kim...keep up the good work. Can't wait to see the quilt completed.πŸ‘❤️