Sunday, February 26, 2017

One more off the Bucket List

Overall my Bucket List isn't very long but it's still exciting when you get to cross something off.  
I've always loved quilts.  There's just something so comforting about them to me.   The whole process seems so mysterious and technical I really never thought I would be saying " I made a quilt".    Taa Dahh....
From start to finish.  I didn't abandon it part way through (which I sometimes do).  I love the colors. So summery and fresh.  This one will stay with me because I made a few mistakes - I didn't square up the centre before I started adding the border.  But in my defence, I didn't know I was supposed to.  So it's a little wonky and that led to a few puckers.  And my first corner is not pretty but each one got better as I went around.  And I didn't quilt all the way to the ends.  But I still love it.   I discovered quilting stencils this weekend so I'm excited to try those for my next project.    Our snow is quickly disappearing   Last weeks weather was very mild.  Loving that!  And this coming week has temps on the plus side too.  We are still a long way from tulips and robins but we are closer to Spring than we have winter left.  I'm looking forward to relaxing tonight and watch the Oscars.  Not because I care who wins, I have much less noble reasons for watching.  I watch for the mocking.  I know it's stupid and immature but I like seeing the ugly dresses and watching someone do something stupid.   Just to get in the mood, here's a few of my favorite bad dresses

A bird dress.......really?

She should fire her stylist

Dominatrix Ballerina........NO

Ahh, excuse me forgot your BRA

This is just a HOT MESS


 .Have a great week



  1. WOW! Bravo, your first quilt is a winner. Love love those nice colors.

    OMG, Kim... a good reason to watch the Oscars. Those dressed would all go in my big green trash bin on wheels and I could not wait for garbage day to arrive. lol

    Our snow is going down fast too. I hope we don't get flooding though.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I think your quilt looks just perfect!
    OMG! Those dresses are hideous. Don't they look in the mirror?
    Happy quilting 😊

  3. Evening Kim, love the quilt, so pretty.... I'm watching the Oscars too, need a good laugh.Blessings Francine.,

  4. LOVE your quilt! You did great! I hope you enjoyed the process enough to keep on quilting.
    I can't believe these Oscars photos from the past. Seriously, don't these people have a clue? Geesh

  5. I think you did such a nice job with the quilt. I love the colors too. I do miss the mocking. Emilie and I would have such fun. Ron just shakes his head in disbelief so no mocking for me. It was my highlight though. I shall think of you. Mock away!

  6. Your quilt is beautiful and you should feel very proud. I'm sure I'd have rolled it up but you stood fast. Good girl!! OMG, they were all a hot mess.

  7. Yay a new quilter enters the craft. Good job. And without any help you did more than an amazing job.
    Thanks for showing the dresses, I feel much better about myself.

  8. Congrats on finishing your quilt. How many more things are left on the bucket list? Mine is still quite long!

  9. Love your quilt! Congratulations on a bucket list "finish".

    I'll be honest, some of those dresses are just a wee bit scary. I know that I'm not a fashionista...but...NO, just NO! LOL

    Have a wonderful week!

  10. I love your quilt! Good job! Thanks for posting those Oscar pics. I didn't watch it but I did get a good laugh at those outfits..seriously, all that money and no taste. Sad

  11. I am a big fan of yellow and blue (you would never know it from my home decor), and the quilt looks amazing!!!!

  12. Evening Kim, love the quilt, so pretty.... I'm watching the Oscars too, need a good laugh.Blessings Francine.,

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