Friday, February 10, 2017


If you live in eastern Canada you know all about getting prepared for a winter storm.  It's really all about the prep work because you just never know.  In late January our neighbor province had thousands of people without power for upwards of a week in some areas.    I find as I get older I get more like my mother and grandmother.  As soon as Gran heard a forecast of snow she would get antsy. And she had to go right to the store and buy bread and milk.  I admit, on Thursday I found myself a little antsy at work.  I couldn't concentrate, I wanted to be home getting "settled in" for the Nor'easter storm.  Even though it wasn't supposed to start until after supper I still couldn't settle down.  However I did manage to get through the day and got my own version of "bread and milk" ready.
Yes, a homemade pizza and an ice cold growler of beer from a nearby microbrewery.   Sorry   We got our snow and the wind howled pretty hard overnight.  And sure enough I got a snow day.  Well, half a snow day.  Our office didn't open until noon.   I wish that meant that I got to lounge around all morning in my Jammie's, sipping coffee but it did mean I had time to do all the shovelling.  I finished what was left at supper time and just about froze to death.  So I stripped off the snow covered pants and jumped into some cozy fleece pj bottoms and warmed up with my princess
I'm such a wimp in the cold.  So far February isn't looking too good.  To,orrow is supposed to feel like minus 30 in the morning and guess what else?   Another storm is coming Sunday night and then possible another mid week!   I'm having some scary flashbacks to the winter of 2015. I only managed to get the first thin border on my quilt top tonight.  Tomorrow morning I'll cut the fabric for the wider border and hopefully get it sewed and pressed.   Stay warm everyone 


  1. Here in Ontario we do not get old fashioned snow storms mostly because there is a lack of wind. It certainly snows enough and is cold enough too. I miss those kind of 'snow day' storms when everyone is home safe and have everything they need. You seem like you know how to weather a good storm. Stay cozy!

  2. Ha-ha-ha! Beer and pizza is the new milk and bread! I guess whatever makes you feel safe and warm when the weather is dreadful is a good thing. Hope the upcoming storms aren't too bad. Our weather people usually go way overboard with the gloom and doom. Anyway, you and Miss Abby, stay warm.

  3. Oh I like your stormy weather menu... I love mushrooms pizza and beer. I made homemade pizza for lunch yesterday too and I had extra dough and made some calzones. I mixed the dough in a bread machine but the machine started to have motor problem. I bought that machine a few years ago and only used it 4 times and always had problems with it so in a fit of frustration once the dough was mixed enough I threw the machine in the garbage bin. The motor kept stalling. I saved the pan to make panettone bread at Christmas. The pizza was delish.

    My granddaughter Jordyn is expecting her baby girl on the 15th and I hope she doesn't decide to give birth in a storm. The waiting game is on.


  4. Your jammies look soft and wonderful. Good electricity for a week??

  5. I like your idea of milk and bread!!! I'm sure Abby enjoyed her snuggle time :)
    Hugs :)

  6. Well darn, I was hoping you would skip that snow wall that went around your house. I hope this one doesn't last either. I am the same way any more, I just can't settle down when storms roll in. I pace from window to window. Stay nice and warm.