Wednesday, February 8, 2017

You can't trust anyone

I mean if you can't trust a rodent who didn't see his shadow, who can you trust?  Apparently an early Spring is a bit further off than I hoped a few days ago.  Looks like a storms a coming!
We are in the purple path, expecting a whopping dump of the white stuff tomorrow night.  Lucky for me, I've got the special "storm drawer" in the kitchen stocked for emergencies
I think this drawer would even be up to Andrea's standards.  In case I need a storm project I visited the fabric store and picked out something for the border of my quilt.  It's going to be so pretty but you'll have to wait for the big reveal.   Sweet Abby must have been lonely today because she attached herself to me as soon as I came home.  Not that I minded because I love her puppy cuddles 


  1. Abby is an adorable cuddler...I would nothing done if she wanted to stay on my lap...the storm drawer is too way would it stay stocked at my house!

  2. Nothing like being ready with a lot of chocolate bars to weather the storm. My chocolate drawer pales in comparison to yours. I have 2 free trade dark chocolate and one is partly eaten already. You have a good assortment.

    Abbey looks so cute on mommy.
    I hope that the storm isn't as bad as expected. Stay safe and enjoy your chocolates.

  3. Gosh , hope u dont get all that snow! We have had a weird winter here in southern ontariommmsnow squalls today,,, yikes,,,
    Love ur drawer,, we have a good selection of dark chocolate! , HAPPY QUILTING , stay safe,,,,,

  4. It is snowing hard here too but I don't have a candy drawer to get though. Our ground hog saw his shadow the damn thing.

  5. I could not have a "storm drawer" because it wouldn't last more than a day. Stay safe. We (in Ohio) have been so lucky this winter and I'm not complaining.
    Precious picture of Abby.
    Hugs :)

  6. I like your storm drawer! That puppy is pretty cute too!

  7. Abby sure loves her mom. OMG, I'd clean out that draw and make myself sick. But guess you'd better conserve your snacks for the duration of the storm or bring some more goodies home after work today.

  8. Our azaleas and camellias are starting to take over our gardens down here. We have had the warmest winter and the wettest in years. In addition, the strong storms have been knocking over trees throughout Tallahassee. Most days right now are getting to rise in the mid70s.